Patient Story

"After years of exceptional care for my family at Pediatric Care Group, I was inspired to become a provider here, completing the journey from a grateful parent to a dedicated nurse practitioner within the same community, fulfilling my dream to contribute to the same community that cared so deeply for us."

Full Circle: From Patient to Provider at Pediatric Care Group

I've been a member of the Pediatric Care Group family since 2005. When I was first pregnant with my first baby, I had asked some friends who had recommended Pediatric Care Group and I trusted these friends as fellow nurses with their care of their children, which brought me to Pediatric Care Group and I've been a happy member of the family since then.

I really like the consistency of care that I get here. I can always get in for a sick visit whenever I want to and typically can request a provider of my choice when I want my kids to see a provider for a sick visit or a well visit. And the staff here has always been really good too, caring for my kids, giving shots, listening to them when we're coming in for appointments with their concerns and questions.

And I've always gotten compliments on the providers and staff when I'm going to specialists too in the area. They've always been very happy. Oh, you go to Pediatric Care Group, we love them there. And that's really important to me too, that I'm not only getting good care here, but that other providers really value the care that we deliver here at Pediatric Care Group.

So over the years, raising a a young family and everything, I decided that I didn't want to work in the hospital anymore and wanted to provide a different level of care. So I went back to school, got my nurse practitioner degree in primary pediatrics, and my ultimate goal was to work at Pediatric Care Group to provide the level of care that I've been so happy to receive over the years.

I couldn't be happier to be part of the family as a provider and working my dream job.

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