Patient Story

"Pediatric Care Group stands out not just for their medical expertise but for their unmatched availability and support, especially critical in the early days of parenting.

The ability to see a doctor promptly and receive guidance any time of day has been invaluable, truly defining the supportive nature of this practice."

Choosing Care with Confidence: Our Experience with Pediatric Care Group

So we decided to go with PCG for a couple of reasons. We did some research on doctors and pediatricians in the area and there, there are some great ones in the area. So, you know, I have to of course throw that out there. But this being a newer practice, there were wonderful reviews about the doctors and the nurses, all the practitioners, and I just have to say totally rings true. They've all been so thorough, so helpful. Their waiting room is never packed. So the, you know, it's, especially in our post covid world, you just feel really safe coming into the practice. Everyone's comfortable, everyone has their own space. So it's just the type of place that makes you comfortable.

The staff is always wonderful and if there's a problem, they get you in that day. And I think that is probably the most important thing when it comes to having a pediatrician for a young child, is being able to get your kid in and seen when there is an issue.
Another thing I guess I would place a lot of emphasis on is when, especially in those early parent days, when you don't know what you're doing and what's happening and you're so concerned over something that might be minor, they are there and they are available. There's been multiple times where we felt that we needed to talk to someone and check in, and it was two or three in the morning and there was someone to take our call. And if that just doesn't speak to the type of practice this is, I don't know what else would. And we're really grateful for that.
So we're here, we're new and we're staying.

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Your child deserves access to their doctor when they need it. That’s why we offer an 8 am walk-in hour, evening hours, Saturday hours, same day sick appointments and same day physicals.