Patient Story

"The standout feature of Pediatric Care Group is their dedication to personalized, attentive care, where medical staff not only listen but act swiftly to accommodate the needs of families, ensuring children receive the best possible care every visit."

Family First: Pediatric Care Group's Commitment to Personalized Attention

Pediatric Care Group has been wonderful. We did come from another practice and it was really hard to get appointments. You didn't get that one-on-one care, kind of like a revolving door. Here, the doctors are wonderful. They spend a lot of time with my children. I get that feeling that they listen to my concerns as a parent.

They listen to my children. They interact with them one-on-one. The medical staff is fantastic. They always bring my kids to ease. The front staff, it's amazing. They're amazing. Susie's wonderful, I love her. She is like family to us. If I call, I need to get my girls in. She does whatever she needs to do to get us an appointment, which now coming from two different practices and not having that, this has made a huge difference in the care that I'm able to provide for my children as a mom.

I also know that when they're here, they're getting the very absolute best care that they can get. It's just been probably one of the best choices I've made as a parent to have my kids be at Pediatric Care Group.

I think the most special thing about Pediatric Care Group is the care that my kids get. The doctors here are fantastic. They really listen. I've been to two other practices before coming to Pediatric Care Group. Don't always get that. You don't always get the one-on-one. You don't always get the time. Definitely feel like this is not a revolving door practice. I'm able to call and get an appointment same day, which is amazing. I've been at other practices. Three days it takes to get an appointment, a sick visit. That's just not acceptable.

Pediatric care group really does care about their patients, the parents. It's a family. I absolutely adore that. I have made that connection with the medical staff here, the front desk, the physicians. It's just been a really good choice overall for our family.

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